I have been doing carpentry since 1971, and in that time I have worked for residential builders, done large industrial/commercial projects as a union carpenter, had a small furniture/millwork shop, was a state certified building inspector, and for the last 27 years have worked for myself designing and building custom houses and doing general remodeling and carpentry. I designed and built my first house in 1978 and have built 40+ houses since then – each designed for specific sites and desires of the client with a wide range of budgets. I enjoy starting with a site, developing a plan, and then seeing the plan become a structure and finally a home. I find it is a combination of artistic for the design, engineering for the frame structure, and master craftsmanship for the trim work. I also enjoy the physical nature of the work, particularly the framing, as the most basic elements create a real structure. I keep my business small, usually one house at a time with as much help as I need and I work as a carpenter in most parts of the house.